Automate Your Delivery Process In Just 3 Months

  • delivery platform architecture

  • delivery infrastructure

  • scripted environments

  • component build templates

  • product packaging templates

  • automated CI/CD pipelines

With our proven solution.

In just 3 months, starting at $30,000

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Our customers have achieved a 2x increase in development productivity, 30% shorter time to market, better quality, and lower costs within 12 months after adopting our standardization solution.

Joe Smith

VP of Product Development
Bootbarn Company
"We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and the integrity of EIC development team! The first vertical slice of our geo-information system was ready in just one month, and the minimal complete version was available to market in 3 months. Very satisfied with the quality of design and stability of the code. Highly recommended, will do business again in the future."

Emily Allison

VP of Product Development
Logistics Company
The consulting service provided by Enterprise Innovation Consulting is amazing. It relieves me of the responsibility of system maintenance, while providing peace of mind that our system is protected, compliant and efficient. I am pleased to recommend EIC, as they provide a highly valued service to our firm.

Justin Curry

Sr. Director
The EIC development team has been one of the best teams I’ve worked with in my 30+ years in the IT industry. I can’t be more pleased with the quality of the work, as well as, the turnaround time for development requests. The team has a depth of knowledge to help navigate new architectural solutions and has been a cornerstone in launching our software products to our clients on time and in budget. A very professional, get-it-done company to partner with.”

Why Is Standardization So



Standardization not only multiplies development productivity but also brings consistency and repeatability into the work, streamlines management, and offers a wide range of advantages. Compared to other development improvement methods, it shows the best ROI!

  • Better Quality

  • Less Complexity

  • Lower Skill Requirements

  • Shorter Time to Market

  • Faster Innovation

  • Simpler Outsourcing

  • Lower Development Costs

  • Easier Maintenance

  • Faster Developers Onboarding

Higher consistency of the source code and repeatability of development processes make introduction of AI much easier and way more effective!

Our Unique Solution to Standardize Delivery Development

Why do it yourself, investing 6-12 months without a guaranteed result, or spend a fortune

on expensive consultants?

Our unique Better Delivery program will rapidly deliver to you a comprehensive solution that enables over 100 design patterns and best practices across 9 key areas:

Prepare 01
Align goals, teams and people with microservices development
Design a platform to enable software delivery
Define automated processes to deliver software products
Build 02
Software Components
Prepare software components to be handled by the Universal CICD pipeline
Application packaging
Prepare application packaging scripts and configuration files to deploy or update products
Delivery Infrastructure
Prepare infrastructure to support automated product delivery
Deliver 03
Scripted Environments
Automate development, test and production environments
CI/CD pipeline
Setup and run automated CI/CD pipeline
Metrics & Dashboard
Collect metrics, monitor and improve product delivery

You are going to get:

Build Templates
Packaging Templates
CI/CD Pipelines
Vertical Slice
Online Training

Plus 5 expert recommendations to successfully adopt microfrontends within your organization and 5 developer guidelines to enhance consistency and quality of your development practices.

All the Deliverables are

Custom-Made Just for You


All the deliverables are created specifically for you, based on your specifications and using your stack of technologies;

for instance:

Programming Languages

Deployment Platforms

Your team will be involved in the process, defining problems, co-creating solutions and reviewing the deliverables

Select the Right Package to Meet Your Needs


Best fits Startups and teams adopting Microservices from scratch. It requires minimum involvement from you and your team.
Starting at $30,000

For teams already experienced with microservices and for brown-field projects. The solution will be co-created with your team and customized to fit your existing implementations.
Starting at $50,000

For organizations that need extra support to ensure successful adoption. Includes everything from the Advanced package, plus 2+ months of coaching and mentoring of your team on a T&M basis.
Starting at $70,000

Not sure what package is the best fit for you?

How The Program Works


Design Phase
Discovering your problems and needs, designing reference architecture, preparing microservices adoption recommendations and development guidelines.
Implementation Phase
Developing microservices templates and implementing selected design patterns.
Delivery Phase
Building a vertical slice to demonstrate the solution. Training your development team to effectively use the solution.
Follow-Up Phase
For Ultimate clients 2-3 months of coaching and mentoring. For others a detailed review of your progress and shortfalls and recommendations to get you back on track.

Your Success Is Our Priority


To ensure your complete satisfaction, we incorporate a number of guarantees into our program:

Pay by Result

You pay only if you are satisfied by the end of each phase.

Free Bug Fixing

for 12 months after the delivery of the program

Coaching and Mentoring

of your dev team for 2-3 months

*available for Ultimate clients only

Apply to Better Delivery Now

to Receive Great Bonuses

2-Hour Expert Roundtable with invited microservices expert to discuss your problems and needs and uncover possible solutions for effective microservices implementation.
10% Discount on other transformation programs, including Better Microfrontends, Better Delivery, Better Testing, and Software Factory.
10 Instructions to use Generative AI in your microservices development

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Frequently Asked



If we adopt your standardization solution, would we need to urgently redevelop everything we've built so far? We’re not prepared for a revolution, given the substantial resources it requires.

— Absolutely not! There's no need to discard your existing code and rush into rewriting it.

We advocate for a gradual, evolutionary introduction of new patterns, showing clients how to implement microservices one at a time.

New components will be developed using Better Microservices practices and templates, while existing components can remain as they are, being redesigned only when necessary, or within a gradual migration path

Why is it beneficial to use your program compared to doing it ourselves?

— Standardization requires many months of dedicated work from several highly-qualified experts—specialists with extensive knowledge in areas such as solution architecture, multiple technologies, deployment platforms, DevOps practices, organizational structures, and management practices.

The lack of experts within the company and in the market, along with high costs (the salary of such an expert is about $150,000 yearly), and the absence of guaranteed success are significant barriers, despite many companies desiring to benefit from standardized microservices development.

With over 10 years of expertise in microservices development, standardization, and consulting, we have implemented more than 3,000 microservices across multiple platforms—such as on-prem, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud—and languages, including Java, .NET, Go, Python, Node.js, and Dart.

We have amassed a vast collection of best practices, reference architectures, and templates adaptable to nearly any popular technology. This deep reservoir of knowledge forms the foundation of our "Better Microservices" program. It enables us to create and implement all the deliverables for your microservices development standardization with dramatic savings in both costs and time: in only 3 months, with a truly affordable price starting at $30,000.

How does your program differ from other microservices consulting offerings?

— Our program is the only one offering a predefined, specific plan, total fixed price and terms, delivery options, and guarantees.

All other proposals we've seen are based on a Time and materials model without predetermined total costs, clear stages, or specific deliverables, following a "Let's start and then we'll see" approach.

Do You Have More Questions About the Program?
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Achieve Superior Outcomes!


Enterprise Innovation Consulting proudly offers a suite of programs designed to revolutionize various facets of software development, each tailored to meet the specific needs of today’s dynamic software environment:

Better Microservices

Offers adoption of optimized microservices architecture, templates, and development practices that facilitate scalability, resilience, and agility in software development, and double your productivity.

Better Microfrontends

Focuses on standardizing microfrontend development patterns and practices, enabling teams to construct modern, decoupled front-end architectures that enhance user experience and team agility.

Better Testing

Aims to standardize test automation patterns and practices, ensuring high-quality software through efficient and effective testing strategies.

Software Factory

Encourages the adoption of factory-style software development, streamlining operations and increasing output through systematic, process-driven approaches.

By choosing Enterprise Innovation Consulting, software organizations gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise across these critical areas.

Our programs are designed not just to address immediate development challenges but to foster an environment of continuous improvement and innovation.

Whether you're looking to refine your microservices architecture, enhance your front-end development practices, or revolutionize your software delivery processes, our suite of programs provides the tools and guidance necessary to achieve superior outcomes in today’s competitive software development landscape.

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