Enterprise Innovation Consulting

started with a mission to bring software development into the industrial era

Our goal is to transform development organizations into

modern efficient software factories one company at a time.

Over the years we helped multiple organizations across

different industries to make a step change in

development productivity and start mass-producing

quality innovative software at a fraction of usual cost and

the year we started
factories automated
components delivered

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Meet Our Leadership Team

The team

Sergey Seroukhov

Sergey Seroukhov

Founder and Principal Consultant
A technology evangelist with a mission to elevate software team productivity through modern development methods. With over 25 years as a Software Architect and Startup CTO, Sergey is an expert in Technical Strategy, Software Architecture, Microservices, Microfrontends, DevOps, and Software Factories. Passionate about revolutionizing the industry with AI-powered Software Factories, Sergey combines deep expertise with innovative thinking. When he's not driving technological advancements, he enjoys martial arts, shooting, and traveling the world.
Eugeniia Samoilova

Eugeniia Samoilova

Manager, Sales and Marketing
An SEO and content enthusiast dedicated to helping great companies and tech teams find each other. Eugenia has 9 years of experience as a Startups' CMO and over 25 years as a marketing professional. She specializes in B2B marketing, advertising, content, and SEO strategy. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, hiking, and snorkeling. Initially aspiring to be a journalist, she studied applied mathematics and cybernetics. Ironically, her career now involves about 90% writing.
Michael Seroukhov

Michael Seroukhov

Manager, Information Technologies
A dedicated problem solver and creative thinker committed to pioneering developments in underexplored areas for the benefit of humanity. With three years of experience in software development and testing, Michael brings a strong technical background along with a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to our team. His passion for music, video editing, and computer-assisted design not only enriches his professional skill set but also inspires innovative solutions and ideas. Michael's mission-driven approach ensures that our projects are not only technologically sound but also aligned with our core values of making a positive impact.
Aleksey Dvoykin

Aleksey Dvoykin

Manager, Consulting Services
A technology expert with a passion for modern development methods, Aleksey is dedicated to helping organizations enhance the value of their software products. With over a decade in software development, five years in system architecture and project management, and two years in consulting management, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Specializing in Technical Strategy, Software Architecture, Microservices, Microfrontends, and DevOps, he is also deeply passionate about future-forward technologies such as software factories and AI. Outside of work, Aleksey enjoys playing soccer, creating music with digital audio workstations, and staying up-to-date with the fashion industry. Fascinated by mobile devices from a young age, he began using music creation apps at 11, which sparked his deep understanding of software setup early on.
Aleksey Dvoykin

Dmitry Levichev

Manager, Digital Products
A technology evangelist, has dedicated over 16 years to the software and hardware development industry, taking on roles as a developer and team lead. Specializing in Software Architecture, Microservices, Microfrontends, DevOps, IoT, and embedded development, Dmitry's mission is to help software and hardware teams achieve their goals. His passion for implementing modern and innovative products drives his work. Outside of his professional life, Dmitry enjoys electronics design and DIY projects, photography, and cooking.
Anastas Fonotov

Anastas Fonotov

Manager, Training Services
A technology expert, is on a mission to help technical consultants create and refine training courses for their programs, improving the quality of training and testing of specialists. With 15 years of teaching experience at the university level and extensive research in process automation and software design, Anastas brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He also has 11 years of experience in software development, design, and team management, and more than two years in developing data warehousing and machine learning solutions. His specialization includes system analysis, architecture, data warehouses, software, microservices, and microfrontends. Outside of work, Anastas enjoys cycling, randonneuring, running, skiing, photography, and traveling.
Alexander Kosheverov

Mark Makarychev

Delivery Automation Expert
An automation expert with a mission to enhance teams' software delivery processes. With 12 years of combined experience in Tech, he specializes in cloud solutions architecture, DevOps, and automated infrastructure provisioning. His passion lies in applying cloud technologies and declarative tools to improve the quality of life of engineers and end-users alike. Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding, archery, and working on cars. A fun fact about Mark is that he got to try out a 70s magnetic tape storage machine during one of his university courses.
Alexander Kosheverov

Alexander Kosheverov

Microfrontends Expert
A Front-end Architect, brings over 9 years of experience in creating extensive enterprise solutions and eCommerce applications. With a deep specialization in microfrontends and expertise in various client-side stacks, including Angular and React, he has successfully moved numerous projects to newer Angular versions and transformed monolith applications into microfrontends. Oleksandr is dedicated to his professional growth while maintaining a balance with his personal interests. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike, cooking, watching anime, and playing Mahjong, making him a well-rounded and valued member of our team.
Alexander Kosheverov

Sergey Khoroshykh

Test Automation Expert
An expert in automated testing with a mission to help engineering teams reach new levels of productivity by implementing modern automation testing methods. With over 8 years of experience in software development, he specializes in software architecture, microservices, automated testing, and DevOps. Before focusing on automated testing, Sergey spent significant time developing microservices and client applications. His extensive experience in DevOps further enhances his ability to create efficient and high-quality software solutions. His goals include advancing automation and improving software quality. Sergey enjoys car racing, sports, and traveling around the world.