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Do you need to rapidly expand your team capacity and get

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You are at the right place! With our staffing services, you can get temporary specialists trained and certified in specific technologies and development methods at no risk in less than 2 weeks!

Our Areas of Specialization


We provide temporary specialists only. Our highly skilled professionals are proficient in architecture, development, testing, and DevOps. They worked across various platforms and stacks, and have experience in various industries: eCommerce, oil & gas, mining, telecom, and others.


Technologies we work with


We master the most popular technologies; for example:

  • Deployment Platforms:

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, On-premises

  • Development Stacks:

NET, Node.js, Go, Python, Java, Dart, Rust, Angular, Vue.js, React.js, Flutter

  • Databases:

SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, Couchbase,


  • Messaging:

Kafka, NATS, MQTT, Redis, ActiveMQ, SMQ, Storage Queues,

Azure Message Bus

  • Component Packaging:

VMs, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, JEE, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Engine, Blob Storages

  • Build infrastructure:

GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, TeamCity

We have many preselected candidates

trained and certified in specific profiles.

At least half of the development tasks in each company are typical and recur in every project. We've identified these tasks and developed an excellent training process: new software engineers become at least twice as fast and productive on these tasks compared to "normal developers" in just two months.

We Provide Unparalleled Productivity


Productivity Boost 1

We offer temporary developers who not only have extensive experience with the required technologies, but also excel in applying these technologies to complete typical tasks with high quality, and expeditiously.

For example, our backend developers are experts in developing microservices, communication, persistence, writing business logic, and microservices packaging, and are at least twice as fast and productive on these typical tasks compared to "average developers".

Productivity Boost 2

As we mentioned, at least half of the development tasks in each company are typical. We have accumulated a vast set of optimal solutions for such tasks, along with design patterns, building blocks, templates, and best practices.

If you'd like to further improve the productivity of hired software engineers, you can choose the option "Developer with Access to EIC's API." This way, the developer will not develop software from scratch but will tailor ready-made, high-quality solutions for you, achieving even greater velocity and productivity.

Productivity Boost 3

Can you achieve further improved productivity? Absolutely!

Choose the option "Expert Supervisor" - where our expert, with years of successful experience in various industries and who has created numerous optimal patterns and solutions, will help your hired developer complete tasks in the optimal way. They will also control and ensure the quality of the results.

This way, you'll achieve top-tier levels of productivity, efficiency, and velocity, all at a truly affordable price.

Common Mistake

Avoid the common mistake of seeking a "universal soldier" with wide-ranging skills. Such developers are overly expensive, hard to find, and lack deep expertise in any one area.

Instead, hire specialists in standard profiles with deep expertise. For example, rather than one full-time developer for architecture, team leadership, and system tests, hire part-time experts: a solution architect, team lead, developer, and test developer.

Standard profile experts are easy to find, cost less, and work much faster with significantly higher quality.

This way, you can significantly reduce costs, speed up development, and improve product quality.

How Our Engagement Process Works


1-2 days
Job requirements and Flexible terms

We can help clarify your requirements and define the "standard profile" experts you need for optimal results.

Working with us, you can hire "standard profile" experts full-time or part-time, paying only for the hours you need.

1-2 days
Shortlist of candidates

Based on your job requirements, we preselect the best-fit specialists with "standard profiles," specially trained and certified, and provide you with the shortlist.

3-5 days

You interview the candidates to ensure they have the declared qualifications and pick the best.

For a guaranteed choice, ask candidates to complete a small practical assignment similar to the tasks in your project. It may take a few hours and can be recorded on video. Reviewing the video allows you to see not only what they produced but also how they work.

This is the best way to determine if a new contractor can perform successfully from day one.

2-5 days

Choose the productivity level you need: Expert Supervisor, EIC's API, or trained and certified developers only.

Review and sign legal documents with the specialists you've chosen; define the start day within 2 weeks.

2-8 hours

Connect the specialists to all the systems required to work.

We can provide recommendations to efficiently prepare everything for connecting new developers and contractors, minimizing delays.

1-2 days

We can provide recommendations on how to efficiently onboard new developers and contractors, minimizing the time you spend on it. For example, if you're onboarding more than a couple of contractors, consider planning and recording the process on video to save time.

Good background information about the product, project, team, and management structure helps specialists start quickly and operate efficiently.

What Our Clients Say...


Suhas Rao

Development Director
"The team at EIC spends the time and effort to understand what the real problem is so that they can formulate a solution based on their well-established process. Thanks to EIC, we increased our velocity by as much as 30 percent."

Vadim Parfenov

Chief Technology Officer
MST Global
EIC played an essential role that helped us move forward with our development project. The efficiency of EIC’s team was excellent, and their experts was extremely knowledgeable and professional. It was easy to tell that they were committed to producing high-quality work.

Justin Curry

Sr. Director
The EIC development team has been one of the best teams I’ve worked with in my 30+ years in the IT industry. I can’t be more pleased with the quality of the work, as well as, the turnaround time for development requests. The team has a depth of knowledge to help navigate new architectural solutions and has been a cornerstone in launching our software products to our clients on time and in budget. A very professional, get-it-done company to partner with.”

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